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Bukit Brown Announcement

Dear Reader,

For all Bukit Brown related matters and tours, please visit http://bukitbrown.com/main/ 

API is part of the growing community fighting to save the resting place of our forefathers, from being destroyed by the present day government, through the construction of a 8 lane highway to replace the current Lornie Road.

What do we know of the early Singaporeans who came, once loved, lived, died in, & died for this Country we called Singapore? Learn about them in Bukit Brown, and the Pride of being a Singaporean.

Join our free Bukit Brown Tours and be a BROWNIE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZkMPFDXVko

Join the Bukit Brown's community facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/bukitbrown.

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API Spooky Tours is listed as 1 of 20 Unique Things to do in Singapore, according to STB visitsingapore.com website. Know more here.
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Archives of our past API Events HERE.
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16 Apr 2011 - API Guided Bukit Brown Cemetery Public Tour
19 & 26 June 2011 - API DIY Bukit Brown Cemetery Tour
23 July 2011 - Ulu Pandan CC YEC Spooky Tour
26 Aug 2011 - URA Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery Tour
14 Sep 2011 - GV Free Horror Movie Preview (Details here)
9 & 24 Sep 2011 - PMB Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery Tour
12 Sep 2011 - LTA Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery Walking Tour
21 Sep 2011 - PMB Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery Walking Tour
24 Sep 2011 - PMB Volunteer Guides Bukit Brown Cemetery Tour
27 Sep 2011 - M.O.S Tan Chuan Jin Private Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery Tour
28 Sep 2011 - URA Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery Tour 2
1 Oct 2011 - API Bukit Brown Cemetery Tomb Clearing Day (Volunteers needed!)
9 & 16 Oct 2011 - API DIY Tour & Remember Your Ancestors Day at Bukit Brown
20 Oct 2011 - API Free Movie Preview (23:59 The Movie!)
29 Oct 2011 - St. James Powerhouse Horrorplex 23:59 Halloween
29 Oct 2011 - LKY School of Public Policy BBCC Tour
5 Nov 2011 - API DIY Bukit Brown Tour
26 Nov 2011 - API DIY Bukit Brown Tour (assemble at 9am)
29 Nov 2011 - ODAC CCA Changi Mystery Trail
10 Dec 2011 - API DIY Bukit Brown Tour (assemble at 9am)
API Describes 5 Most Haunted Spots in Singapore
Written by Webmaster   
Friday, 21 March 2008 18:37

API in the 13th Issue of Time Out Magazine describes the 5 Most Haunted Spots in Singapore.


1 Choa Chu Kang Cemetery
This is the last place in Singapore where the dead are still being buried. Visitors can see tomb exhumations and places with ‘freshly buried’ corpses. However, mediums warn people not to venture anywhere near the area at night, as angry spirits and lost souls still linger.

2 Old Changi Hospital
The Japanese army occupied this locale during World War II. After the war, the hospital went through many administrations and name changes. In 1976, the Singapore Armed Forces Hospital combined with the Changi Chalet Hospital to form Changi Hospital and thus was demilitarised. In January 1997, the hospital moved to its new location in Simei. Since then, Changi Hospital has remained empty and in absolute darkness. Some say you can still smell the antiseptic used during the war.

3 Kopi Hill aka Bukit Brown Cemetery
George Henry Brown, who arrived by ship in the 19th century, owned this plot of land, which was used to grow coffee. In 1872, three Ong clansmen from Bai Jiao village, China, bought it and donated it to Hokkien clansmen for dwelling, farming and as a burial ground. Some people claim to have seen a spectre here in the form of an old lady, clad in a red cheongsam and fanning herself while sitting on top of a tombstone.

4 The Pasir Ris Swamp
It’s one of two swamps in Singapore, the other being Sungei Buloh. During the day, crowds of students led by guides look out for mud-skippers, mud lobsters and crabs. When night falls, voices can be heard calling your name and the ghost from a fatal jump haunts the now-infamous four-storey Birdwatch Tower.

5 The Punggol House
Officially known as the Matilda House, the area was given conservation status on 21 February 2000. When it was set to be demolished for the construction of the LRT/ MRT line, a chain email told the story of three workers who died while trying to demolish it. The building is surrounded by trees, and a lady with long hair has been spotted sitting in their branches.

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