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The Raffles Place Lift Ghost
Written by Webmaster   
Wednesday, 23 April 2008 19:57

Ghost Sighting at Raffles Place

This is a video capture of an alleged ghost sighting captured in one of the building in Raffles Place. Click the picture to go watch the video.

The video uploaded onto Youtube, seemed to show 2 persons entering a lift, and upon exiting, a creepy apparition, appeared behind 1 of the man and seemed to drifted slowly out of the camera eye.

The video capture appeared at first glance to be taken off a security monitoring console.

But is it?

Before I proceed, let me say that in light of the recent security breaches at a Detention Center leading to the escape of 1 fugitive Mas Selamat, any lapse of security in any agency and building is indeed very unwelcome.

The video capture uploaded onto YouTube, if it is real, would show a breach of security in 1 particular building where the security officer(s) took without authorisation a security premise recording and uploaded to a public media.

You have been forewarned.

API Analysis

At first glance, the video capture seemed to be typical of security recording of 4 cameras.

Now the presence of the Time Stamp at the top shows that this is a digital recording, and not 1 direct to a VHS Tape recording.

A VHS Recording would means that the display is direct to a tv screen, and no timestamp would appear.

An example below:-

But since the Raffles Place recording showed a Time Stamp, then it is a digital setup.

A digital setup would require a console to collect the AV/Video input of all video recording cameras and then display them on a monitor or screen.

All cameras, will carry a Camera/Location Code/Name as will as running Time/date on the recording itself.

This camera name and time/date stamping will allow individual cameras to be zoomed in and checked in the event of a security breach.

But the Time Stamp in the Raffles Place CCTV shows no individual Time Stamp in the 4 video frames.

This means that there is no way to rewind should they want to check back a certain date or time.

The time stamp on the main screen might be for the main console display, but it is an external time stamp and is not imprinted on the actual recording.

In other words, the CCTV capture setup is faked. There is no such CCTV capture that will appear without a camera name and timestamp on each individual cameras.

Therefore since we know that the whole CCTV recording is faked, then the 'ghost' could be faked in every possible way and the whole recording is just a good multi-media student setup.

Here is 1 example of a CCTV capture by API, showing the Time stamp and camera name.

Also they people who put up said they are University students.

So my conclusion is that either they are multi-media students.

So how do the ghost appear in this video?

Example 1 - Tall Guy, Short Ghost 

The below illustration will demonstrate 1 example of how it is possible to get someone to 'slide' himself behind the person in question.

To understand the trick described above, watch this video. Notice the sleeve popped into view, same time as the left hand is lifted from the lift wall. Because the TALL guy legs are closed up, the SHORT ghost is 'hidden from view by the legs and the body.

Example 2 - Standing on a Raised Platform 

We note that it would take a very small person to squat and slide up the legs of the Tall Guy.

Thus another solution would be that the Tall Guy was actually standing on top of a boxed raised platform of sort, so that the Ghost can slide up through the box.

The picture  below demonstrate what we mean...

Here is an extract of the Tall Guy. Now, is he really tall, or just walking/standing on a raised boxed platform?


Example 3 - Digital manipulation 

OMY demonstrated it is possible to create a ghost through film manipulation. View it here

Concluding Remarks 

But perhaps the most revealing of all is the way the alleged Ghost Video recording was introduced to the Public.

It was directed to a website named http://www.rafflesplaceghost.net/blog/

A check with Whois revealed that it was registered with untraceable names like ghost, rafflesplaceghost  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A phone number was listed, that turned out to belong to an unwary person who was shocked enough to post his displeasure on the blog itself.

This Warning Post was promptly deleted by the Blog Admin.

It is obvious the contact number was faked by the Blog webmaster with a random pressing of keys.

Thus for all the reaons above, we believed that the Raffles Place Ghost is a staged attempt at publicity.

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 November 2008 15:58